Screen Corner – Redesign your mobile screen corner

We, EmoPass Studio, have just released our lastest app called Screen Corner on Google Play. This app helps you to customize mobile screen corners with many styles. You can directly download this app on Google Play: Download Here!  If you are bored with default screen corner or want to try something new, this app can help you. Converted_file_1f87c93a FEATURES: ✔Enable or disable Screen Corner at any time. ✔Allow you to set corners overlapping status bar. ✔Allow you to set corners on Lock Screen. ✔Able to change corner’s size. ✔You can show or hide any corners: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. ✔Customize screen with 9 free corner’s styles ✔Only take 1 second to download ( app size is smaller than 1Mb)Converted_file_a856b80f


If you have any problem or suggestion, please leave me a comment right here or send us a email via: we are really happy if you can give us suggestion about which corner style and function you want, we can update them in the next version soon. Thanks!

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