Blockgram – Photo Editor

I have just publish a photo editor app. I’m really happy to get your feedback and suggestion.

We would like to give you a great photo editor to help you make amazing and beautiful photos.
ESPECIALLY, Blockgram app is easy-to-use and you can make great shots by a simple and quick way.
The word “BLOCK” we use here means “components” that help you to build your photo from original one. Blocks you can use in this app are Frames, Emoticons, Icons, etc and it is really easy to handle them following your way 
 You can use ether your gallery or camera to get your original picture.
 A lot of frames, icons, emoticons for you.
 Handle these block easily.
 Save your photo on gallery easily.
 Of course, you can share your amazing photos on Twitter, Facebook, E-mail, etc.
 Beautiful design
 Easy to use.
Now, you can get it and build your great photos 😀

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